What my customers write about me

Muskox Brothers on 120 x 80 cm Dibond

"We saw this picture of the muskox bulls at an exhibition last year, and could not forget it, so when our  mountain cabin was finished it was given the place of honour in the living room."

Merethe Johansen, Golsfjellet, Norway

Backlit Hawk Owl on 106 x 50 cm Dibond

"We wanted to have a backsplash behind our cooktop at our new mountain cabin, and we wanted something unique. When seeing the hawkowl picture it was easy to make a decision."

Vidar Bjønnes, Dagali, Norway

Muskox Bull on 80 x 80 cm Dibond

We were very fascinated by Gunnar's wild life photos. It took us quite a while to choose this photo from all his work. We decided on the muskox because of its robustness and close proximity in the harsh surroundings. The order went smooth, and Gunnar was very helpful when we wanted to resize the photo. 

Jan-Atle, Horten, Norway

Coastal landscape on 70 x 100 cm canvas

"The picture is beautiful and I am delighted with the purchase. The mood in the picture is calm, yet full of life - beautiful colours! The service and sale process was good and efficient! Highly recommended."

Gry, Oslo, Norway

African animals on 80 x 120 cm Dibond

I am a satisfied customer. The pictures are beautiful on the wall. Gunnar has been helpful and attentive and the customer service has been absolutely fantastic. 

Linn, Tønsberg, Norway

Muskox Bull on 50 x 70 cm Dibond

"Such outstanding work! So happy to have one hanging on my wall. And the ordering and shipping process went so smoothly - all the way from Norway to USA in no time."

Janet, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Mallard Ducks on 40 x 30 cm Dibond

 "We have a "sjöstuga" (holiday house by the lake) in Sweden. There we are close to a lot of ducks, especially mallards. When I got to see these two colourful and happy pictures of the beautiful ducks on a "golden" lake, I just had to have them on the wall. We call them our Golden Ducks!"

Bente Lise, Åsgårdstrand, Norway

Snow Monkeys on 70 x 50 cm Dibond

"Unique pictures, outstanding service and a great photographer. Can really be recommended."

Lars, Mandal, Norway