Some of my most popular bird photos.
All images have reduced resolution for effective and safe web usage.
Sold images will be printed at full resolution and without my logo - of course.

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Eagle Sundowner

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

Hawk Owl on Branch

Hawk Owl coming in

Golden Eagle on on Red Fox

Landing & Takeoff

Eurasian Jay on Branch

Just surfin'

Letting out the steam

Female Mallard on Gold

Ural Owl

Let's Dance

Female Greenfinch

Eider in Risør

Silent Wings

Male Mallard on Gold

Home for supper


Fish for dinner - again

Eurasian Jay

No more fish?

I only have eyes for you

Bob the builder

Puffin Love


Feather care

The thinker


Ready to fly

Rainy day


Board meeting

The maverick

Was it something I said?

I got a fish this big!

Puffin Singer

Have you gained weight?

Those Eyes

Young Kookaburra

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