Nordic mammals

Some of my most popular photos of nordic mammals.
All images have reduced resolution for effective and safe web usage.
Sold images will be printed at full resolution and without my logo - of course.

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Polar Fox

With a Nose for Seal

Bearded Seal and Pup

Walruses in Landscape

Drinking Bear

Raven, Bear, Wolf


Bear in Black

Muskox In The Wind

Muskox Brothers

Muskox Mother's Love

Pine Marten on log

Sceptical Bear

Play fighting bear cubs

Running Bear

Wolverine and heather


Harbour Seal

Family Four

Badger Siblings

Muskox Bull getting up

Blue Sky Brown Bull

Portrait of the King

Muskox Bull Tranquility

Run for your life

Flirting with the photographer?

Dripping Wet

Rudolph on summer vacation

Dirty Boys

Playing with seaweeds